Yuri Paek

Hi, my name is Yuri Paek.  I'm a junior at Calvin College.

Final Steps~

This year has truly been one of the best years I've had at Calvin. It was full of unforgettable memories, endless laughter, unexpected challenges and amazing friends. It has been such a blessing to have been able to share my story with all of you :) To wrap up my final blog post, let me share what's going on the final week here at Calvin~~ 

What's so special about this week?

It's the week Calvin students have FINALS!  It's crazy how fast time flies, but here we are, a few stressful days away from Summer break! So to make it a little easier during finals week here are a couple steps/suggestions that can turn a crazy week into a manageable one. 

Credits: Jill DeVries

Credits: Jill DeVries

Step 1: Stretch

Do: There's a lot of stress that tends to build up during finals. To avoid too much... take time to stretch and relax! impossible? I think not~~

Don't say you don't have anytime. I know, I do this too sometimes, but in reality we do. Taking 5-10 minutes to take a study break won't hurt...it actually helps.

Step 2: Snacks  

Do: Grab some coffee, tea or whatever yummy healthy snacks you need to study and you are good to go. 

**I always have coffee at hand along with fruit snacks/ granola bar** 

Step 3: Study Spot

Do: Find a favorite study spot and begin this crazy adventure of studying!  

Study spots in GR: 

-Kava House

-Tim Horton's

-MadCaps Coffee

-Library (Calvin)

-Fish house (Calvin) 



Step 4: Pictures

To end the day of hardcore studying. Find a couple pictures that end your day with a smile :) 

<--Like this one

Step 5: Take a deep breath.

Take a deep breath, take the final, take another deep breath and grab ice cream, lemonade or something to end your day with a yummy treat. You deserve it!  

**Easier said than done, but hey it doesn't hurt to try** 


Have an amazing summer break <3  


Yuri Crystal Paek