Yuri Paek

Hi, my name is Yuri Paek.  I'm a junior at Calvin College.

Introducing the Paek family: Mom and Dad

My best friend. My role model. My mentor. My shopping buddy. My teacher. My accountability partner. My laughter. 

My Mom.

My mom has been such a blessing in my life. She has shown me the true meaning of patience, love and compassion. She has made me the person I am today because of her constant support and encouragement. She is an author, a speaker and a teacher who travels the world spreading God's word. Her personality is similar to mine which I love because we tend to like similar things. My mom is like a light in a dark room. She can brighten up anyone's day. Her joy and love for life and for God truly shows through her actions. 


My comforter. My protector. My best friend. My mentor. My peace. My Joy. My role model. My coach.

My Dad.

My dad is also a huge blessing in my life. I respect him very much and I am in constant awe to see how much he does for everyone. My guy friends view him as a F.B.I agent and my girl friends view him as a teddy bear. BUT he's really a dad , an engineer, an elder, a soccer player, a speaker and  a teacher. He can make me laugh any day. His laughter brings so much joy into my family. His love for God shows through his heart to serve the community and church.

My parent's are the cutest!

My parent's are the cutest!