Yuri Paek

Hi, my name is Yuri Paek.  I'm a junior at Calvin College.

Easy as 1,2,3...

So let me rewind just a little to about 1 day before I left for spring break.  Here are the steps I took to prepare myself for an amazing adventure in California with one of my amazing friends, Courtney.

1. Pack for any occasion. (hence the large suitcase you'll see in the following pictures)

2. Make my bed (check the house: unplug all plugs and check to make sure all doors are locked)

Steps to take transitioning from MI to CA:

3. Be sneaky and take a picture while on the plane. (Fluffy Clouds!)

4. Rock my sunglasses in the warm and beautiful weather with my friend Courtney!

Next on my list:

5. Sea world! (I know right?! It's going to be awesome!)

6. Beach: Walk on the pier, lay on the beach, play in the water and all that jazz (:

7. Citadel <---Mall outside (outlet)

8. Griffith Observatory in Hollywood <---maybe??

9. Say bye to friends and family~

10. Go back to my second home in Grand Rapids(: