Yuri Paek

Hi, my name is Yuri Paek.  I'm a junior at Calvin College.

Getting to know me~

10 things about The Real Me: Embarrassing stories are included (:

1. My favorite two animals are dogs and baby penguins. ( Yes, I did say penguins. They're just so cute and fluffy when they're babies)

2.I love frozen grapes (if you haven't tried them, you definitely should!)

3.I have a scar on the right side of my lip from accidentally cutting my lips with scissors in Kindergarten (never try this at home)

4.The day after I cut my lips, I cracked my head on a McDonald's playground and was rushed to the ER. ( I had to get 3 staples: battle scar) 

5.I love baking(:

6.I once mistook someone at the airport as Jesus when I was four. I got on my knees and said, "Jesus!" as I handed him my favorite Beanie Baby. Let me just say in my defense, I was four and he looked like the pictures of Jesus in the Bible.

7.I like to sing in the shower ( who doesn't?)

8.My freshman year at Calvin, I wore a bow everyday in my hair. Big, colorful and shiny. I don't wear bows as much now, but I still love them.

9.I was a co-host on a Bi-lingual Christian Radio station during the summer going into my Sophomore year.

10. I tend to clean when I'm stressed (And when I say clean....I mean super clean) 

**One of my favorite pictures**