Sarah Bonthuis

Kibera, Kenya [part 2]

Kibera Slum

2013-01-08 06.41.40.jpg

Doesn't that smile just melt your heart? 

This is Kibera,  the second largest slum in the entire world. We spent our forth day in Kenya in Kibera, at Kara Kibera Kids Centre: 

"Kara Kibera kids centre is a community based organization located at the kibera slums in Nairobi and is registered under the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development. The centre offers rehabilitation and development of destitute, orphaned, and neglected children within the Kibera region.

Currently we have a total of one hundred and twenty five children that we care for."

We met amazing people there.

Like Pastor John who, along with his wife, Mama Mary, runs Kara Kibera.

2013-01-08 05.01.39.jpg

And this incredible young woman, who lost both her parents, and now takes care of her younger siblings. 

Spending the day in Kibera was exhausting; I can't imagine spending a lifetime there. And yet, thousands of people call Kibera their home. I still don't think I have made sense of everything I saw in Kenya, least of all Kibera. Despite the extreme, pervasive poverty, there are very beautiful people dwelling in Kibera. The contrast is hard to reconcile; it's like coming out of a dark cave and walking into the bright sun--for a few moments, you think you might have lost all sight, but once your eyes adjust you see clearer than you ever did before. 

So I'll continue to think and process and pray about Kibera. In the meantime, here are a few more pictures from our day there!

More about Kenya to come!