Matt Medendorp

One Final Adventure

I'm in Wales right now with the group of Calvin students who are studying abroad in York. It's our last trip, all together as a group. Which is strange. 

Last night we all sat in the living room of the hostel and talked. The only emotion that was stronger than laughter was the nostalgia of it all. I'm already just 9 days away from returning home for the first time in 4 months, and these experiences have already taken on an almost magical aura. 

The same streets of York which I became hopelessly lost in the first few months now are familiar. The group of people who were half strangers when I met are now 25 friends. 

A lot of things have happened this semester. I have traveled, lived on my own, cooked my own food (mostly unsuccessfully), had incredible experiences and whole lot of laughter.  

It's impossible to sum up what I've learned, or how I've changed and grown in a few hundred words. I haven't even recognized all those changes yet. It will take a while and whole lot of reflection. Hopefully some of that can be seen through my posts. I do hope that some of that came through in my writing.

Now, after a few more exams, it's on to the adventure that sumer will bring. And then, eventually, returning to Calvin in the fall. But as for now, I'm content to be where I am.

Thanks for following a bit of this journey with me. Hopefully you read something or saw a picture you enjoyed. Maybe smiled a bit a corny joke. One can hope.

Farewell until the fall.