Matt Medendorp

Spring break is around the corner.

My Spring break starts Friday. And from what I can tell it's going to be the time of my life. Here's the itinerary (and yes, this does count as bragging):  

March 25 Monday: Paris 

March 26 Tuesday: Paris 

March 27 Wednesday: Paris/Versailles 

March 28 Thursday: Amsterdam 

March 29 Friday: Amsterdam 

March 30 Saturday: Amsterdam 

March 31 Sunday: Prague 

April 1 Monday: Munich 

April 2 Tuesday: Munich 

April 3 Wednesday: Munich 

April 4 Thursday: Lucerne (Switzerland)

April 5 Friday: Interlaken (Switzerland)

April 6 Saturday: Venice 

April 7 Sunday: Florence/Pisa Evening 

April 8 Monday: Florence 

April 9 Tuesday: Rome 

April 10 Wednesday: Rome 

April 11 Thursday: Rome/Vatican City 

April 12 Friday: Rome/Pompeii and Naples 

April 13 Saturday: Rome – Sleep on Train – LEAVE!

So there's that. Pretty incredible. I have been blessed with the chance to backpack through Europe with three of my buddies.  If I could ask one thing of all of you (and by that I mean my Mom, because from what I can tell she's the only person who reads this consistently) is this:  Pray for safety, pray for good weather, and pray for something incredible to happen. 

I can't wait.