Matt Medendorp

Creating a Home

Today I’ve been thinking a lot about space. The space that we inhabit. In York we moved into pretty spartan dwellings. The basics. A bed, desk, closet space, and a kitchen. Shower and toilet upstairs. Not much more, not much less. The thing that bothers me most is the lack of a common space. A living room-esque area, perhaps with a couch to sit down on and read in the mornings while I drink my tea.

But there’s no use complaining about what I don’t have. The real priority is creating a personal space. It is important to create a home. I do not want my room as a temporary space, but rather as a base for my adventure. I need to make this into my space, because living in someone else’s is exhausting. Each individual has something that makes them unique. I don’t need to have my room showcase my individuality, but I do need to be surrounded by something that comforts me. Here's the result:

Can you tell I'm on a tight budget?

Can you tell I'm on a tight budget?