Matt Lesky

Hi, I'm Matt Lesky.

My Time in the Mines

This past Tuesday I had the opportunity to journey to a local gypsum mine with my geology class. What a better way to spend a afternoon then to be a hundred feet under the earth? Better then sitting in a classroom, thats for sure.My class descended in a mine lift that was surprisingly stable and smooth. It turns out that much of the mine is used for storage now, so many of the tunnels were lit and had locked doors closing them off.

However, we did get to go into the older section of the mine which was used as a fall out shelter during the Cold War. We found 50's era M&M's (talk about well preserved) and all sorts of supplies you would expect to be in a fallout shelter. 

I even got to swing my own rock axe and hack a chunk of Michigan's famous "Rapids Red" which is now being used as a paperweight on my desk. In case you didn't know, gypsum is a chief ingredient in drywall. Interesting, huh?

Just another example of the fun stuff you get to do at Calvin. Gotta love it.