Connor Schmidt

Diversity and Leadership

I'm back with some thoughts about diversity and leadership. 

I had an incredible time in Chicago at NorthPark University.

I learned alot, thought alot, and laughed alot. 


There were breakout session talking about different topics and I had the pleasure of attending two by Latrece Moffett, an inspiring woman who has created her own company providing diversity awareness training to companies and schools. Her presentations were really interactive and fun, but it was something she said after one of her talks, that really affected me.



A woman asked her how to get other students interested in diversity issues. Latrece responded, " For most of my life I've been fighting against what I'm going to tell you. The best way to get disinterested students involved is to find someone from the majority (caucasian) to champion the idea that this is something they need to be invested in. Only when one of their majority peers call them to action will they be inclined to follow"



When I admitted to her that I felt like I wasn't using my position as a majority white male at Calvin to bring about change and that I felt like I could be doing so much more she looked me in the eye.

She said that I was here for a purpose; I was like an Esther preparing the way. 

 All I needed to do was trust HIM to guide my steps

It was pretty empowering.  

-Have a great week, friends-