Connor Schmidt

Info: Favorites of the Year pt. 2

Well it is time for the second part of some of my favorites of the year. Let's jump right in!

Favorite Floor Picture

This picture should be the cover of an album or something. It isn't all of our floor, but it sure is awesome. Band Name: The Freakin' Rekens.



Favorite Quote

Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.
— Confucius

Favorite New Color


It used to be Orange but then it changed.

Just beautiful and AMAZING. I love this color a ton

Just beautiful and AMAZING. I love this color a ton

Favorite New Band

Imagine Dragons is my new band of choice. They are absolutely incredible in every single way. Their New(ish) Album called Night Visions is a journey of sorts. I love to listen to the entirety of the album in one sitting. Incredible. Here is one of my favorite singles entitled Radioactive.

There of course are many more amazing favorites of this year. Unfortunately I don't have the time to pursue them all I hope your year was as wonderful as mine!

God Bless,