Connor Schmidt

Info: How I Connor, Came to be a Calvin Student (pt. 1)

I guess most of you don't know how I came all the way to Calvin from Dallas Texas! 

Here's my story. In Third Person.

It's not the most hilarious thing, but it is good info

(I will post a picture of a cute animal at the end)


Once upon a time,

Connor loved Japanese so much in highschool that his mother, Theresa decided to find a mission trip to Japan so that Connor could visit, while doing good things for Jesus.

Where did she look? GOOGLE.

To her surprise, she found a trip quickly  and fast forwarding >>>>>>


Here are some pictures from Connor's trip. Make sure to click on them because you can see the bigger and scroll easy!

Connor's time in Japan made him decide on two things. 

First: Connor wanted to major in Japanese

Connor loved it too much not to, Japan was his favorite place in the world. The language is like music to his ears. Connor was set on the fact that he would study the language in college.

Second: I wanted to go to a Christian College

The Christian faith is barely present in Japan, The Churches that Connor visited and helped were so tiny but their faith was so strong.  He knew that he wanted to be surrounded by a group of Christians during life at college. Christians in Japan would give anything to have that community. Connor did not want to pass up that chance.


When he returned back to America, Connor created a list of colleges that he might like to go to.

Yale, Washington University in St. Louis,  Calvin College, TCU, Austin College, Vanderbilt

All these colleges are great! Connor got really excited and started applying away.

But then he realized something.

end of part one.

Well uh. This is the cutest thing that exists in the world. *dies*

Well uh. This is the cutest thing that exists in the world. *dies*